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advice on modification and growing duck


The Morgan Hill Homesteading Project:

I have a total of 6 of these containers, I am using 5 oth them at this time and would consider adding the sixth one in if it was not catching quail poop.

I am doing a ladder system, putting them on top of wooden pallet that I got for free from a farm that I worked at. I am going to drill a 1 inch hole at the bottom  along a flat peirce of the tank so I put a 3 inch long sch 80 nipple on it so I can drain it out safely. 8.34x 100 =834 pounds.

I sent the the website lisen above the following email.


a freind of mine gave me 6 of these totes. I want to drill a 1 inch hole in the tote to put a 1 inch sch 80 nipple in  it so I can drain the system safly if I have to.

I have sleced this expoy from my local ace hardware store. the associate asked me if I was going to use it for drinking water and I said no. after think about I will be using this system for food so i would rather not have any toxins in the water if at all possible.

 please be specific, what kind of plastic are these totes made out of?  I need this information when selecting my epoxy because it has to bond to PVC.

please see attached photos.

thank you

I am wondering how much duck weed I can grow in one of these totes this size. the water would be spring water util the sprig starts going dry then maybe creek water.

The Morgan Hill Homesteading Project:
I forgot photos, see link below


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