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Medical Gear Suppliers

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Mountain Ron:
Bestglide Aviation has a decent selection of 1A. I have some of their gear stashed in my zoom zoom.

Wilderness Medical Associates

I take it back. Don't ever buy from Boundtree they are liars.

Celox -
Like Qwik Clot, but burns less

I have bought: Moleskin Blister stuff, QuikClot bandage, Water-Burn Jel, Afterbite(bug bit stuff)

OFAGear -
I have bought 3 or 4 of the pocket survival kits and 6 or so each of the Isreali Battle Dressings

Amazon -
Pocket rescusitator, Adventure Medical Kits Dental Medic Kit, Bayer Aspirin Quick Release Crystals

EMP medical supply
we use these guys for all of our medical supplies at the fire department.  they have pretty good pricing and have been great to work with. 


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