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9 Cool Catalogs for Permaculture

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--- Quote from: moprep4life on December 20, 2011, 05:02:24 PM ---When I click on the link for Raintree, I get an error page.
And the one for Adams keeps giving me a failure to connect to server message.

--- End quote ---
I fixed the addresses for Raintree and Starks. and Adams works for me now.

Same stuff just put into one page. Thanks to all for links.

1.   Nourse Fams -
2.    Adams County Nursery -
3.   Rain Tree Nursery -
4.   Isons Nusery and Vinyards -
5.   Musser Forests Inc -
6.   Carino Nurseries -
7.   Stark Bro's -
8.   Miller Nurseries -
9.   Trees of Antiquity -
10.   Seed Saver's Exchange
11.   Richter's Herbs
12.   Oikos Tree Cops
13.   Seeds Of Change
14.   Bob Wells nursery
15.   Ecology Action's Bountiful Gardens.
16.   Edible Landscaping
17.   Shumways
18            Horizon Herbs

I really appreciate this page just ordered several catalogs. Cannot wait.

I live in Texas and have ordered from Legg Creek Farm - they are also in Texas and specialize in heat tolerant trees with low chill hours. They sometimes run a special of "get a free tree with every order". I've just started planting trees, so only time will tell if I am successful.

I am in northern New England and I love Fedco.  If you have a bunch of gardening friends you can save a lot of money on seeds with Fedco.   Every year about a dozen friends of mine pool an order at Fedco. 

They give bulk discounts and have various package sizes.  When the order comes in my friend and I sort out the order and divide up some of the larger packages of seeds. 

We range from small to large gardens and we add a few people to the group each year.  Most of us have totals between $2.00 and $30.00 with the smallest garden being 10'x 8'.  Of course the 3.5 acre organic farm in the group purchases a lot more seeds than $30.00 worth. 


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