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David in MN:
Oh, yes. Trotsky himself does a Gandalf thing which is gently suggested early on as he selects which suit to wear for a protest. Then we see him transition to a uniform of black leather while building the Red Army and he dies in Mexico wearing a very fashionable light colored suit and his cane is topped in ivory. These are very forcefully put forward.

I also noticed the teacups. Russians are (not to put a slight on my ancestors) very fetishistic with their teacups. It was not lost on me that during his time at home he had a very humble ceramic teacup but while on his armored train he had an elaborate glass and metal (as is the Russian fashion) teacup.

The other thing that wildly stuck out to me was the complete lack of insignia. Trotsky never has a hammer and sickle, not so much as a red star. He is thereby relegated as an outsider.

You have to take this in view of Russian propaganda, though. It's not so rare to see Stalin as a bad guy. It's in a whole other world to show Lenin as a feeble man without character and portray Trotsky as an opportunist interloper. With very subtle props and clothing you really can feel the condescension Trotsky has for the common people. That's wildly out of character for Russian film.


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