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I've never used a forum before so here goes.

I'm Logan. I work on a large scale cattle, hog, crop farm. I'm looking to develop my acreage into an asset and not just a liability. COVID has made me realize that it's time to get serious, and it has really helped my wife get on board as well. I started listening to TSP back around 2012 when I was in high school, but when I first listened I was really "tacticool" and really only focused on the firearm, WROL stuff. I'm 25 now, I have an amazing wife and a child and my focus is much more broad.

If you guys have any "must listen" episodes of TSP/other resources, please please send them my way.


Welcome Logan

Welcome Logan... probably the best thing is to search for any topic you want to explore... For example, if it is food storage, go to that section of the forum and browse through the topics. If you don't see what you are seeking, do a search.

Because it is so massive, it is hard to recommend a particular thread/threads. If you have a question on something in particular, many of the old-timers will help out with info., or to direct you to some good threads.

Lots of folks here are long-time preppers with big gardens, livestock, canning/dehydrating/storage operations and self-sufficiency on their homesteads... very happy to help.

Wagon Burner:
Hello everyone,

    I’ve been listening to Jack since the VW days.  Jack your a jerk, thank you.  I’ve been getting to a better place slower but better due to you.  In the next couple of weeks I’ll be relocating to Waco Tx are for work and would love to make Tx my new permanent home.  Any insight and or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Hope all of have a blessed and thriving post 2020 election.   :facepalm:

Wagon Burner

Welcome, Wagon Burner! Glad to have you here... Nice to hear that you'll be moving to TX, near where Jack is now. My DH and I lived in TX for awhile and found the property taxes to be pretty outrageous anywhere near the bigger cities (we lived outside FW near Aledo -- even in the county our annual taxes were more than we would have paid in income tax in most other states, so the no-income-tax benefit didn't really work for us)... maybe it is better down by Waco. I'm thinking there are certain counties where the tax rate is more reasonable, but I'm thinking of the area up near Tyler...

Wish you good luck on the new adventure.


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