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Twitter, Facebook censor Post over Biden expose

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BIDEN'S WEB Hunter Biden ‘worked as go-between’ for Kazakh oligarch with links to Prince Andrew who called ex-VP’s son ‘my brother’

Wow.  The Bidens brought Chinese agents into the Whitehouse.  It doesn't get more irresponsibly dangerous than this.
New Twist in the Hunter Biden Saga: A White House Meeting for Elite Chinese Group

The younger Biden’s associates reportedly arranged a 2011 meeting with then-VP Joe Biden, and got the entourage “all taken care of in DC.”

Just imagine if something like this happened during the Trump administration, and ask yourself what the media-Democrat complex would be saying.

In November 2011, an elite group of Chinese Communist Party members and billionaire cronies of the repressive regime in Beijing secured a meeting in the White House, said to be with Vice President Biden and other Obama administration officials, through Hunter Biden’s associates.

Whatever happened to "the appearance of wrong doing is in itself wrong doing" that we keep getting driven into us in the Annual ethics training the company forces us to take.  Perhaps it is for us that for us in the private sector not those further up the food chain.

David in MN:
How about the FBI once again... They sat on this data. Until it was forced out of them. This is the agency that was "on-again-off again" on emails while Clinton was a shoe-in in 2006 only to pivot to the Steele dossier after Trump won. Same agency that let Epstein walk until they had an embarrassing FOIA loss.

I can't help but believe the FBI doesn't care who gains power provided they have sat on the evidence to make them a pawn. SOmething rotten there lies.

As a side story to this the DHS/FBI have confirmed the "proud boys" emails cited by Joe Biden to paint them as a domestic terrorist group were actually sent by Iranian disinformation agents.  "Somehow" they acquired registration information in battleground states to target registered Democrat and independent voters with the anti-trump messages.
U.S. government concludes Iran was behind threatening emails sent to Democrats
The deceptive campaign made use of an Internet domain associated with the far-right Proud Boys


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