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Ruth Bater Ginsberg died today


Morning Sunshine:
This may end up being political, so move it as you will.

--- Quote ---Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the enigmatic, longtime Supreme Court justice who attained near cult-like status among progressive circles, died Friday at the age of 87 from complications surrounding metastatic pancreatic cancer.

The late Supreme Court justice, who spent more than two decades on the bench in the highest court of the land, is survived by her two children, Jane Carol and James Steven Ginsburg.
--- End quote ---

This will make the violence of the last 8 months look tame.

May God have mercy upon her soul. 

David in MN:
While on the whole I would have disagreed with most of her rulings her stalwart defense of the First Amendment is something to be commended. Also wrote great opinions and she would have been better knownn for them had she not been overshadowed by one of the best opinion writers in Scalia.

It was sad to see her cling on in the Trump years. I hope she went easily and her family is at peace. I'll say this (and I consider it a high compliment) as I think of Scalia and Ginsberg: The Obama and Trump appointees have some MASSIVE shoes to fill.


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