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I'm looking to put one of those folding shovels in each of my cars.  Jack doesn't have one as an IOTD.  On Amazon, the prices range from $17 to YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME.

This isn't something that will get a lot of use, in fact, it may never get used.  But I need it sturdy enough to use if needed, but don't want to sell my firstborn child to pay for it.

Any recommendations would be appreciated.


I bought this one for when I was putting together a trunk kit for my son.  It hasn't been used at all.  It's there for emergencies, and thankfully  there have been no emergencies.

CARTMAN Sport Utility Scalable Camping Shovel, Garden Shovel, Portable Aluminium Shovel

David in MN:
I have a Lifeline collapsible shovel in both cars.

It's not super heavy-duty but it is really light so very helpful if you get plowed in or something away from home. Not the ideal tool but very easy to carry and the light weight means my wife can use it with ease.

I think a lot ofyour decision should be based on what you expect of it and what you want to put forward in terms of use. I'd be fine with a trenching tool (and I might dig mine out and put it in the car) but I doubt my wife would like that. If fresh snow is the concern, a light aluminum model will do the trick. But be warned that those light flat bladed aluminum models aren't worth much in dirt or sand. They're for snow.

I'd also advise to go cheap. Good enough is good enough and this isn't a tool you'll fall in love with.

I have never found a folding shovel that I liked so I have always used something similar to the Cold Steel Spetsnaz shovel.  I have really beat the crap out of the one I currently own and it has served me well.  I use it regularly in a rural setting where I need to dig out one wheel.  Its good for limited emergency use. 

I have the lightweight shovels already and while I'm sure they would work well in snow, I can't imagine trying to use one in the dirt.

I will have to re-think my need for folding since it will be in my car rather than a backpack.


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