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Howdy,  We have an extended family group that gets together every year and we like to have an “event” during the week to experience together.  This year we were thinking about organizing a 1-2 day Survival training class for the family.  Looking for thoughts, suggestions and possible resources for conducting the class.  Group gets together in south Texas at deer camp and we have considered everything from gun training to wilderness tracking/survival to modern survival/prepping strategies... so basically wide open.  Any suggestions and thoughts are appreciated.

With out knowing the varied skill levels of those involved it is hard to make suggestions. One resource to look at is they have some stuff you might find useful. Otherwise there are any number of books that a chapter here or there could be teach classes.
 Some ideas
EDC  urban verses in deer camp
Get home bag verses bugout bag
Finding water and how to make it safe to drink
Wild eatables  in that area
Meat storage when there isn't ice or refrigeration after all you are in deer camp
Map and compass class
Medical plant and their use
Basic first aid
Tanning hides
That's just of the top of my head at 5am.

I can only agree with fixit.
Basic first aid and some medical stuff would be important to learn.

Morning Sunshine:
I would look at something like Rabbit Stick or Fire-to-Fire and see what kind of classes they do.  I have a friend who does both of these every year with her family (hubby and 5 kids) and LOVES them.


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