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--- Quote from: iam4liberty on August 29, 2020, 10:00:26 AM ---Isnt a much simpler solution to live somewhere where wearing a hat isn't a capital offense?

--- End quote ---

That's my personal strategy for all this craziness. I'm 50 miles south of Seattle, just west of the mountain, and it's a different world out here. Leftists are EXTREMELY rare. There's daily gun shots, because my neighbors and I all have property and shoot at home. There's a couple BLM signs if I head in to the local suburb. But it's just a handful of 30-50yr old white progressive moms, who's kids don't want them around anymore.
I avoid social media and news now days, so when I hear about all this madness on podcasts or in forums, it's pretty insane to me.
Talking with my black and cop friends/family, they say that their social interactions are all normal still, in the rural or suburban areas. Still mostly positive.

Now I can't say I blame you Dave, if you lived somewhere that dangerous. I know you guys are probably trying to stay close to your wife's work location? I'm not hearing many reasons to stay around there, even without the chaos, your local governance is out of control.
I suppose it depends who I'm with when danger presents itself. If it's my family, I'll do pretty much anything to deescalate and leave. But if I was with my buddies...we might do something stupid, so good thing I just stay home, haha.

David in MN:
Well I don't live here by choice. My wife demands she's never more than a 30 minute drive from her family. The entire family kind of think this way. In fact, once both daughters graduated and got jobs on the north side of the city my in-laws moved between them. It's a little odd because most of my family has lived out of state from where they grew up and several have lived out of country. So yes, I live in a basketcase state with lousy weather. It sucks but I made my bed.

Where I live you just don't see politic stuff. I'd advise against a Trump or Jo Jorgensen sign in the front yard because we don't have to talk politics; we just vote however the DFL tells us to. You're not going to get beat up but you might be "that guy" for a while. Similarly you might see a few BLM signs but they are pretty much harmless soccer moms trying to be relevant. Too many of us think that a quick virtue signal in the front lawn or on Facebook is the same as storming the beaches at Normandy. I'll confess there are a few "Blue Lives Matter" people and when I drive past I think they're nuts. I support their free speech but holy cow are they inviting trouble. And I default to my mother's belief that anyone with a political yard sign probably hasn't read the source literature (in all cases).

But there is something people don't see. I still technically live in Hennepin County. That sucks hard. I could take a 10 minute bike ride and be in Anoka County but I'm on this side of the river. So if I have to do any business whatsoever involving the county, my courthouse, my government buildings (outside my city), or anything formal like that I'm going to Minneapolis. Sad to say but the county could compel me to go downtown for jury duty. I'd really want to travel undetected. And going to the courthouse means... No weapons. Advertising any cause or slogan that would keep me safer would be a high priority.

These are things that run through my head. Yes, we plan to move further north in the future. Getting out of this county is becoming a bigger deal and with COVID effecting the schools (why we moved here in the first place) the list of reasons to not move further north is getting short. The Mrs. has already demanded our next property have an archery range and (hopefully) room for a clay pigeon thrower. We're on board with (I assume) everyone on this forum but the timing is what the timing is.

Now, I must say... Jury duty at the present time would really and truly suck. I went to a court case in my town with my sis-in-law recently. At the regular county courthouse, you are not allowed to bring anything in with you -- no purse, no phone. only your mask and car keys. I find that rather uncomfortable. Perhaps a wallet is allowed for the men... no idea.

Hope you have the chance to get out of that county soon, David.

I also agree with your mom about political signs in yards (I think it applies to bumper stickers as well).

David in MN:
Make no mistake were my wife willing to live far from her family we would be in a red state. One of the things that 2020 really showed is the disparity of your safety with respect to how your state votes. Red states have done better with regard to riot safety, handled COVID  better with less of an economic impact, and our entire left coast is unable to manage wildfires because their environmental regulation requires too much paperwork to keep people safe.

In many respects it's one of the reasons I am very mad at our governance. Say what you will about your favorite coastal city but it's these big Midwest suburbs where you still don't have to lock your door and kids play carefree. Once they lost that narrative they really hurt their brand.

Wow David, it must be pretty bad there if someone your size has to worry about being attacked/confronted while out and about. I mentioned I'm in Wa state, the oppressive side of the state too, and besides a few people holding blm signs at an intersection in the suburbs, there's not much evidence to social unrest. I can wear my 2A hat and be left alone going to a busy grocery store and hospital.
How are the communities outside your county? Like if you head 15min out further, is it still wild there?


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