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David in MN:
Not bad specifically where I am. But I'm pretty well hidden deep in the burbs. But I wouldn't go downtown. And even the burbs east of me had some fires, looting, etc. Bad enough that my wife's work shut down a 3rd shift during the riots with the advice to employees to go home and protect loved ones. That's 15 minutes from us.

It's not just that. There's a backdrop in Minneapolis others might not see. For whatever reason when BLM wants to make a point here they are allowed all manner of dangerous antics. They have shut down roads in the past and not limited to city streets. I'm talking I35 and I94. It's very dishonest to say that one thing or another has set off Minneapolis when we've seen these dangerous protests before. The city is now in the business of deciding which group of unlawful rioters are allowed to run roughshod over neighborhoods.


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