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Tennessee Bug Out From Washington


Wife and I are relocating to Tennessee to escape the ravages of the Socialist State of Washington. 

Looking for advice:  Think we're heading East.  Any Preppers care to share their wisdom about East Tennessee?   Coming out in a couple weeks to lock down the area and possibly purchase some land.  Want a small homestead and some privacy!  Probably a range reminiscent of Hickock 45 too.   

Given your desires, you will probably want to locate away from the (relatively) bigger cities and tourist areas. 

We've spent a good deal of time around Crossville TN (population 10k) as our RV home base is there.  It is right between Nashville, Knoxville, and Chattanooga being an hour and forty-five minutes from each.  Very nice area where land is still affordable.

Several smaller business entities have relocated there from other states.  For example, it is now home to the US Chess Federation which relocated from New York.  You know how chess players like their peace and quiet.

I see from your picture that you are an appleseeder.  On the other side of state is Puryear TN which is an appleseed stronghold.  Great range there with master instructor DonD.  So if you are on their forum you could potentially reach out to that crew for a run down of the shooting scene. 

The Professor:
You may also want to consider the Clarksville area.  The large military base there may prove beneficial in times of strife and difficulty, especially if you're a vet.

The Professor


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