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How long do opened cans last?

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I've been buying various kinds of tinned food (minced beef/ irish stew/ corned beef/ veg soup/ stewed steak/ ham/ fruit etc) and am impressed to see that their "best before" dates are up to 2 years or more in the future.
Question- Suppose I open a can now and only eat half of it, how long will the other half keep, or will it start to go bad within days now that the tin has been opened? 

once a can or pouch of wet food or a "brick" aseptic package of milk or juice is opened, it then needs to be treated the same as any other non-packaged food of its type.  The food does not have preservatives in it ( well, not usually) so once it is opened, its protection from germs and oxygen has been breached.

So, if it is a meat product, treat it like you would any other cooked meat product.  Which means a short time unrefrigerated. 

Canned beans are treated like any beans you have cooked from dried beans on the stove.  If you bring beans to a boil, with a lid on, and then leave untouched with the lid on, you can do without refrigeration by bringing it back to a boil each day before leaving it there safely lidded.  Other products may be similar, but personally I dont mess with things that could grow botulism ( meat, vegetables) A vegetarian bean chili with just beans, tomatoes and spices, for example, cannot grow botulism. 

I would use aseptic ( brick) packed milk that day if I did not have refrigeration, or make yogurt with it, etc...

If you have a refrigerator, store leftovers out of the can in a different container.  Usualy use within half a week, sometimes a week.  Again, beans get weird, so heat those up after 2 or 3 days, to a boil, then put back in the refrigerator. Canned peaches can keep all week in the refrigerator.  Canned meats, I dont know, spam should be the same as bologna or lunch meat or left over meat, so go by your experience with those.


--- Quote from: mountainmoma on March 28, 2020, 04:21:23 PM ---......If you have a refrigerator, store leftovers out of the can in a different container.  Usualy use within half a week, sometimes a week....
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Thanks moma, reason I asked is because as a single dood living alone I usually find there's too much for me in a standard 6-inch can, as half is quite sufficient, so I wish manufacturers would put their stuff in smaller cans..:)

I trick we do with canned tomato paste is to level the paste mass and add a thin layer of oil on top. that will hinder fungi growth.
I guess you can try the same if you like your food a bit fatty/oily

Thanks people, and incidentally will unopened canned food last longer if we keep the cans in the fridge?


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