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Prepping for widespread political violence associated with the election

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Mr. Bill:
Scenario: the results of the next Presidential election are close, and the apparently-losing side refuses to concede, claiming that fraud and/or hacking caused a false outcome.  Extremists on both sides (plus angry people who don't fit on the left-right political spectrum) start resorting to violence.  They are joined by normally-nonviolent people who believe the other side is attempting a coup.

Can we, as individuals, do any prepping for this possibility?

(This is a touchy subject, and I hope we can stick to the prepping topic, and not get into the politics of which side is right or wrong.  I'd especially like to hear from any of our non-US members who have lived through violent elections in other countries.)

-increase your food storage
-store more gasoline/propane/etc for preparing food/generators/etc
-increase water storage..
normal preps i expect...

Sorry, can't advice, our elections don't go that rough. Maybe next time they will.

Based on current trend I see in protests
+1 on fuel
+1 increased food preps

I would also add plan on travel disruptions.  Highways bucked delay deliveries. 
Up your get home bag for a travel disruption add stuff to stay at work for an extra day.
     Identify additional alternative routes to and from home and work
Be more diligent about having fuel in the car (specifically if you have to take alternative routs or get stuck behind a protest.
Be more mindful of your Meds if you are on them think of no UPS for a week.

I would think that any sort of civil unrest would be in and around city and state buildings or complexes. the majority of us would not see much close to home.  In your story line I think planning for the roads to be shutdown will be the best propping you can do.  There is the possibilities that a real fighting between groups could start and at that point all bets are off as to how to prepare.  The good news is we have gotten to the point everyone hates everyone not like them so those will not be organized for some time.  With any luck by the time that organization comes about everyone will see what Presidential candidates never let on they know "They can not do anything without the other side wanting it as well" and it will all die down.

That is my 2cents it and $5.00 will get you a cup of coffee.

I know the local and state heads of the three political parties here.  They are all level headed and will quell any such things here.  But for elections it definitely would be prudent to avoid any of the cities where political violence is now tolerated.  A planned bug out vacation may not be a bad idea if you live in such areas.


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