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This years corn crops

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Are we headed for a very low harvest?

With the late plantings and flooding in the NE, IA, IL, KS, and MO fields, and then the possible frost damage to the late harvest, we may be.

It is looking bad here.  Crop is about 4 weeks behind and doesnt look like season will stretch enough to make up for it. 

However, they are throttleing back ethonol production.  So we shouldnt see shortage for food.  But terrible situation for farmers as it will be low yields without a price spikecto make up for it.   On otherhand, next year could be good time to pick up farmland as some get shaken out of market.

In the grocery stores I'm seeing corn with shucks and silk still attached going anywhere from 7 to 10 ears for a $1. That's better price than past years I think. Actually I think I saw 20 ears/$1 one place but might be imagining that.

I think the sweet corn did ok, Redman. It’s the field corn that’s been socked hard. It definitely will be a hard year for farmers. Usually one bad year is survivable. Hopefully weather will cooperate next year, and the Chinese market should fully return in 2021.  I’m hopeful most farmers will  recover.

Our ear corn is .40 each now. :(

Talking to the beef rancher across the road the other night, while we were playing cards. He said his ground corn prices have gone down. He had no idea why. Maybe they are digging out old, broken up stored govco corn from somewhere and hauling it in.


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