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--- Quote from: mgw44 on May 29, 2017, 11:27:38 AM ---For families I would recommend the res q me keychain at It has a glass breaking tool and seat belt cutter.

I have three kids in car seats and can't imagine trying to get them out of a burning or sinking car. I carry this with the thought it will help. Being a key chain I always know where it will be in the car too.

--- End quote ---

Good call!  I bought a handful years ago, but had not considered them as a gift possibility.

RTL-SDR for the ham in your life that does not already have a handful.

Just the dongle is $20, this is for the experienced radio person who already has antennas and some knowledge of connectors:

For the computer savvy but not RF savvy, start them out with the version that comes with two antennas at only $25:

Give them the link to RTL-SDR blog and they will be off to the races. It has content for the noob and the experienced alike:

My mom loves to gift a box of pantry staples, spices, measuring cups and spoons, etc. to newly weds at either their reception or their first Christmas together.  You eat every day right?

Some how this showed up as a new topic for me today.  I wondered what I did wrong...  Though it sounded like a thread to dust off and start thinking about What changes this year has made to the world and what we would be giving as prepper related gifts this year.

Has this year changed who you can give openly prepper related gifts this year?
What is on your Prepper gift shopping list for Chrismasgeddon 2020?

I would have to say that for me I do not think anything has changed as to who I can openly prepper gift.

I am still working in Christmas ideas (yes this a cheat looking for help), but I am thinking to start with some Car Kit updates.
     Visor orgaizers (stocked with Tire gauge, pen, light, state and county map, insurance and Registration holder)
     High Vis vest 
     Marker lights & reflectors
     New space blanket or bag
     Cell phone cable and backup battery (could be part of Visor kit)

What are your collective thoughts?

Thanks for bringing this great thread back up.

A couple Christmases ago, I got my sons a "kit" of dollar items from the Dollar Tree store:
- A small pocket knife
- A tiny leatherman-wannabe multi-tool
- A LED flashlight
- One of those multi-use flat tools that slide into your wallet
Each item cost $1.00 and they all fit onto a "key chain" thingy which was on one of the items.

A few years before that, my daughters went on a girls-only camp-out. I got several prep items (small packet of raisins, granola bar, small  packet of tissues, a couple of bandaids, etc) and put them into some small, pretty gift bags. The bags were small enough to fit into their purses, and were bright red (the emergency color.  ;) )

Now, it's time to start thinking about these things again. Thanks once again for the reminder, DDJ +1.


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