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i always miss the sales :(

here's my thoughts on sales. you get the discount once... so if you plan on being a perpetual MSB member and you want/need stuff now, why wait? a $15 savings spread over the course of years is negated by time... so is saving $15 now really that big a deal when looking at the big picture? your renewal is still at full price the next year so if you plan on joining during a sale, letting it expire, and then waiting for another sale... i guess. that seems like a lot of work to me.

Josh the Aspie:
A decent point I suppose.

Just seeing this now.  Yes 10% off for MSB and Free shipping for all customers..  BUT.....  we are not currently stocking 299 Days books.  We were trying to keep pricing pretty close to Amazon, but getting killed on shipping.  If we charge what it actually costs us, plus try to make a buck or two, it would look like we were just gauging people.  Plus it works out to be a little easier and more profitable for the publisher to sell through Amazon.

So don't feel bad buying through Amazon, it still works out for Glen, and you are still helping a TSP'er.  The TSP Gear Shop does have all the other merchandise for 299 Days though, that you can use your MSB discount on.


Josh the Aspie:
Well, that makes the choice exceedingly simple.  Thanks cartpusher.

I haven't actually read a line of the series yet, but I've heard good things, so I want to get to reading book one at least.


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