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Warning of food price hike crisis

A crisis is unfolding in the UK as people in poverty struggle with rising food prices and the recession, the Save the Children charity has warned.

Warning of food price hike crisis

It comes as new figures from The Grocer magazine show food prices rose by more than 18% over the last year.

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How much longer until that happens here? Thoughts about this happening in countries like England, France, and other big countries makes me fearful about what might happen here. It also helps me keep concentrated on prepping food.

Breed Less, Spend Less, Save more.

Food prices went up a little, but a good chunk of it is inflation.

In my trip last weekend down into the States, I noticed something interesting: the food was more expensive than in Canada. Some things like bananas and corn were cheaper, but others, especially prepackaged foods, were more expensive once you factored in the dollar exchange.

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Food Prices Likely to Start Ticking Up

Published: August 25, 2009

Prices for beef, milk, eggs and some other grocery items have been dropping for several months, providing relief for consumers who suffered through the steep increases of a year ago. But prices are likely to start edging upward again as the economy recovers, according to a new federal report and economic analysts.

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