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--- Quote from: Hurricane on February 13, 2013, 04:30:30 PM ---Somthing I did not notice in the various lists of documents is a detailed work history.
Not just your resume, but all the names, addresses, etc. of everywhere you have ever worked.
Also the last known status of the company. I have a discouraging percentage which are closed, sold, vanished, etc.
If things are so bad that you can't go home, and have to get a job in another state, detailed references might be necessary.

The Social Security office can help you research this, but their fees can be tricky. IIRC, if you call them, it's free. If you go in to get a hard copy, $$.

Schools you attended, including one-shot night courses. Is the school still functioning? Who has the records?

--- End quote ---
This might be a good thing to document on-line. I use LinkedIn which basically has my school and work history in chronological order. I COULD put details of each employer in there, but I figure "US Navy" is easy enough to get in touch with.
If things are OK enough to have people checking references, then they're probably OK enough to login. Just a thought.

I think I am to a point in the documentation package that I feel comfortable to print and store for now.  I kind of got burned out on trying to get every little item on the packet.

But now I have what I feel is everything done that I will need.

My next step is to photo copy my certifications, marriage license, CCW, vehicle ownership, birth certificates, and other stuff like that and put them on a flash drive.  I need to find a good encryption program to use and then store them in a fire box at my parents house.

A little tip for encrypting your numbers.  These are for credit card numbers, social security numbers, debit card numbers, etc... ya know... things that I cant remember and would like to know and cant find my wallet because it was left at home.  I put a number at the beginning of the sequence of numbers for my debit card that represented the number of dummy numbers before the real numbers begun.  For instance... 432155555555555512345 The 4 at the beginning tells me that there are 4 numbers (including the first) before the real numbers begin and then at the end there is a 5.  This tells me that there are 5 dummy numbers to cut off at the end.

Also to add some extra security I put these numbers in with the mundane stuff.  Like if the heading is dental insurance numbers.  I put a few lines of numbers that was relevant to dental insurance and then the credit card in the middle.

Just an idea.

Firstin Line:
One of the most common and most likely emergencies that strike nationwide is the Power-Out disaster.  We are so accustomed to depending on digital storage that we forget that the computer, the discharged phone or other hand device, the telephone, and all other digital media will be useless for retrieving  stored emergency information.
Retrieving vital info. from your computer or printer are out of the question when you need it most.
The good old paper-and-pencil storage device is the only safe way to have vital info. available in a Power-Out emergency. The ammo. box or even a heavy plastic large-mouth container, think: Tupperware, will store your emergency info. safely.
And if possible, print it out on a laser printer, not an ink-jet.  Inkjet copies can be ruined by a drop or two of water, such as having to access it in the rain.
Good luck and hope you never need it.

This is one of the most overlooked preps that is simple to create and will payout ten fold when needed.  We take for granted calling our sister, or friend across town, or out of state contact by using the auto-dial feature on our phones.  When was the last time that you actually dialed one of those numbers manually?  There has been a posting on FB going around for awhile saying something to the effect of "I have not memorized a phone number since 2001".  This is true for millions and sad as can be. 

Anyone found a way or method of creating electronic documents and printing to small portable notebook size documents?

Anyone try using Waterproof Ink-Jet Paper from Rite in the Rain? I use their small notebooks for notes, but i want to work with something editable


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