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Thoughts on Alaska


I had thought maybe I wanted to live in Alaska when I was a teenager but later in life I thought it was much too cold and too many dangerous bears. I don't really like being isolated out in the wilderness either or so I thought

With this covid stuff going on and uncertainty where it all leads to, I have been researching Alaska living as a kind of distraction or just something else to look at because I get tired or depressed from the political and covid news.

I do think that Alaska has the best opportunity for living off the land to a greater extent. There seems to be plenty of big fish and game animals.

I would definitely want a snowmobile, maybe a small motor boat. I guess in the dark part of winter maybe you read books. I think I would want to live close to some small village or maybe make some friends to go out into the Bush. I don't know if I would want to spend too much time by myself in the deep wilderness unless I could get used to it. With this covid thing and other unknowns in out world maybe even being lonely out in the wilderness would be preferable so who knows for sure. I mean how far can this covid and covid mentality go or something similar I have to wonder but it seems potentially maddening if you ask me

Such a short growing season, though. There is a very interesting YT channel by a young couple living in Alaska and growing their own food... with the really long days (almost no night-time at all during summer), veges do grow at a faster rate of speed than more southern climes, but it would have to in order to get anything harvested in time...

It is a different set of conditions. Alaska has less than a million people and is half the size of the lower 48. Most of the people live around anchorage. It seems like there are tremendous numbers of large fish: trout, salmon, char, white fish and shooting a moose, caribou or birds would be kind of easy.

In the winter, I picture that you could be out on a snowmobile gathering firewood or using a boat/atv to get around. You could possibly ice fish as well. Despite that, it seems there could be potential for control using environmental regs etc. Part of me wants to think that there is so much fish and game up there that it's not likely.

The situation for farming or raising food seems different. I'd don't know if having chicken etc is a problem because it's too cold etc.

I found an interesting Alaska forums site:

Here is someone hauling firewood on a snowmobile. I have to wonder also, how hard or expensive would it be for me to obtain wood from land that I don't own in Alaska ? There is so much forest up there but it's an interesting question

This article says 60% of the land in Alaska is owned by the federal government. Some chunk of it is owned by native people and some must be owned by the state. Something like 1% is privately owned.

Article on getting firewood in Alaska

If you want some practical perspective on very cold area living, check out the Survival Russia youtube channel.


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