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 Crossbows seem interesting but many seem bulky and expensive. I saw there are some folding ones, this one can shoot steel balls, I haven't really looked into folding crossbows much

some other one

reviews of folding crossbows

I've never looked into them.  I did stumble upon a 3D printed sliding crossbow.  I don't know if it's powerful enough to be useful or not.  You may want to look into the Sliding Legolini.

Well i tried one of the Crossbows one time. It was fun since its almost completely silent to shoot, but still takes you some time to figure it out.

 I got this one for about $160. It took my awhile to find 20 inch bolts for it. It can also shoot steel balls and has a magazine for those.
It shoots dart like things also. The darts are so small that they go inside of a target and you can't find them. If you shoot them at plywood the get stuck too hard to pull out and using pliers to pull them out tends to damage them. I am not sure what to use for target practice with darts ?  The things shoots at 220 FPS.

They have a more expensive crossbow that folds down smaller and does not shoot steel balls. It is like 270 fps. The stock is metal and folds up whereas the cheaper one is a just a fiberglass stock
This one:

 I like these because all the ones I have seen at cabelas or other places seem too big and bulky to me. I am not a hunter so I just want something basic that is smaller and easy to pack away. I have stuff like that such as a 45 pound recurve take apart bow and a 22 marlin survival rifle that comes apart into 2 pieces. The barrel disconnects from the stock. I should get another clip for that as I only have one but finding the clip is not easy. It's a marlin 70P or called papoose


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