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Any Women Homesteading/Prepping Alone?

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Hi all... Are there any women homesteading/prepping alone?  I don't mean without the support of their husband or partner, but I mean alone.  I moved out to my 30 acres in the Ozarks of Arkansas about 6 months ago by myself after being widowed almost 5 years ago.  I would love to find out the experiences of other women doing the same thing for whatever reason if there are any here.  Happy New Year!


Welcome and I wish you luck with your homesteading.

I think there's another thread about this around somewhere.  There's lots of ladies on the forum, not sure how many are in your situation.

Thank you.  Yes, there was a post on this many years ago and I wanted to see if anyone is currently active.  Doesn't look like this area of the forum is very active in general, so not getting my hopes up.  Thank you again and am happy I found the forum and podcast!

I'm not aware of any women on the forum currently who are homesteading alone... most of us are married.

It does sound like a wonderful adventure. My husband and I looked at land a few years ago in the Arkansas Ozarks... unfortunately, there was a huge easement for a major gas line running right through the middle of the acreage (which wasn't obvious on the listing). Beautiful area, though... I hope all goes well for you.

Love to hear your stories...

Morning Sunshine:
Mountain Mama.  And Cedar.  Cedar is not currently active, but read some of her posts.  She has done it all.  Amazing woman!


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