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Jack's 22LR book

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I'm another +1 for Jack to start working on finishing the book.


--- Quote from: konaexpress on September 19, 2013, 10:13:30 AM ---Well.......

Someone who can construct a sentence could help the guy out. Then sell it and/or put it up as a free download for paid members.

Just a thought.


--- End quote ---

I'd be up for the job. I've spent the last almost 10 years studying English in college. I'll admit I haven't graduated, but that through no fault of English department or my ability to master the language. I love to write and edit, and would proudly claim that I am good at it. Plus, I could use a project that engaged my brain more than odd jobs around the house and getting ready to put my garden to bed for the winter.

Ranger Dave:
Count me in.

Ranger Dave

I remember hearing about that book in the 2-300 episode range.  I'm in.

Please finish the book!


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