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Jack's 22LR book

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holy shit jack's on the forums again! i didn't think you knew where to find it ;)

I'd love to see the completed e-book..................

I'm one of the 100 and I'm asking!


--- Quote from: atherts on September 19, 2013, 07:54:04 AM ---I'm one of the 100 and I'm asking!

--- End quote ---

I'll throw in my +1 for the 100.

But I waited this long and can wait a little longer if need be.

Wasn't there an email list originally setup to be notified when it was finished, or was that for something else?
Been a while.

Don't forget, Jack posted some videos on shooting which didn't just pertain to 22s.


Someone who can construct a sentence could help the guy out. Then sell it and/or put it up as a free download for paid members.

Just a thought.



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