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22 for training with larger guns

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The 22 long rifle IS a 50 yard cartridge as most rounds begin to go transonic and de-stabilize at about 75 yards or so...while OK to shoot at 100 yards this instability will cause problems that you can't train out.
I have used the 22 for metallic silhouette ,target,and hunting and learned not to push it beyond 75 yards...though this is farther than most people think.
Practice with crackers at 50 yards and work your way down to aspirin tablets or necco wafers  and you will shoot beyond normal range if needed,practice trigger and breathing till it becomes automatic.

YES , aspirins at 50 yards and postage stamp targets at 75 are possible,but you can train your body at any range...the gun is consistent and knows what to do.Train your body.


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