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Welcome hallajuha.

I live in the suburbs.  My husband doesn't discourage me but thinks I'm paranoid.  He does however enjoy the "fruits" of my labor.  This summer I will have a small garden once again (got out of the practice for a while till I came upon this podcast and site!).  Plan on canning and freezing a lot too.

I've always had the feeling that I need to be prepared "in case" something were to happen.  This site has given me better focus and direction.

Welcome again!

Welcome to the group!  I live in a rural setting as well and don't have the ability to have the fruit trees you can, but we do have a rather large garden.  Last year we got lazy and didn't get as much from our garden as we should have...but this summer I'm determined will be different!  I'm learning more about canning and dehydrating and storing food..this site has been a terrific resource!


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