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What belongs here, what doesn't: PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING


Recently, we have had a large number of threads posted here that should be located in a different board.  In order to help keep this forum on topic, I've put together this post to offer some hints and suggestions.

This board is meant to:

* Communicate with the host of The Survival Podcast
* Suggest show topics
* Discuss podcast episodes
* Send good Karma to site staff and moderators
These are all pretty self explanatory, but we still get a lot of other types of posts in here.  While it isn't that big of a deal, it does mean that the moderators have to spend a lot more time moving threads to the proper board.

Something that can help the moderators keep the board tidy is putting something specific in the subject.  Most useful would be putting the episode number when talking about a podcast or putting topic suggestion if making a suggestion for a future show.


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