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MSB member benefit - would cost little, be worth a lot.

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Jack and others,
I am a long time listener and recently opted for the MSB. It has proven to be a smart decision value-wise just as the offer stands, but I have a suggestion that could turbo charge the value of this brotherhood to a new level.

Those of us that regularly listen to TSP are probably in the top 1% of people prepared for surviving and thriving in the days ahead. We are self-vetted for our interest in self-sufficiency, economic, political, and threat awareness from all the possible vulnerabilities.

More select than even TSP listeners, is the MSB. We have shown even more interest, committment, generousity, and consideration by contributing for the great work Jack does.  Generally speaking, these are the kind of people I would probably want as team members, or contacts for a help brigade.

The idea is for a network of people that agree to be part of a help brigade should one of us be in need while traveling, or even locally. Rather than viewing this as a burden, I look at all of us as resources because of the variety of skills, talents, interests, supplies, and common interests we share. 

Many of us have rural property, such as I have, which will be difficult to defend or simply guard, when the financial breakdown gets into full bloom and the shelves go empty. I would welcome fellow MSB people at my retreat - within reason - because MSB'ers are going to be more prepared, more ready, more committed and more of a contributor, than almost anyone I know locally.

The format could work like a simple database, with a basic checklist and understanding of what each of us can offer.
We can figure out details. Basically, it would be almost like a AAA card but on a broader level, and possibly when AAA is no longer available.

Curious to hear if this has already been suggested or implemented, and what everyone thinks of the concepts.

In Liberty,

I love your idea in general!!!

We are working hard here to assemble a get together for Region 4 in a few weeks, and it may prove a nexus point from which to begin building local support organizations - i.e. when I meet 12 people from the region and 3 are along lines of evac to my BOL, I may be able to cache with them.

AlphaRubicon is similarly structured on the lines of a mutual aid society.

Keep this thread alive and see what we can draw up from it!

I knew this would be in the works in some form. Glad you are supportive and pursuing the concept.

While I look forward to personally meeting up with many of the members at these regional gatherings, some of us may be more comfortable keeping ourselves on the QT, until we are needed by a fellow MSB`er.
With an agreement drawn up with options for level of availabilty and support (I.E. - can offer lodging or not whether it is camping or hard structure, can offer repair or medical treatment, skills, supplies etc.) Depends on the comfort level of each of us about sharing this info. Unlike helping a random person in need, we would all know or expect a fellow MSB'er to have skills and even be a great asset if there is a major regional or society wide disruption, which I fully expect.

Look at what just happened in Austin with the plane crash. The gov't is likely to overreact in a big way, and we are the target.

More suggestions on the format?

The Infidel:
Sounds like an awsome idea

Ok then! I will take two affirmatives from MSB'ers as enough support for the idea to flesh in the details a bit.
Going to grab a workout and then
1. Fire out a format that we can begin with for details about a help situation and agreement of what would be offered,
2. Whether this would be an internal db within TSP forum, or separate site.
3. Means of requesting help, and means of responding and what levels that would involve.
4. System for getting people signed up and involved in it.
5. Getting Jack on board about it - probably first thing - and seeing if he wants to consider that as part of the MSB offering or just a self-selected thing.

All the above is open to change. Not going to wait for orders, and going ahead with it.

Separately we fall, together we stand.


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