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As I begin to steal more and more time to work on TSP as I transition to full time in January I am really working to make MSB a great deal beyond just supporting the show.  At this point MSB members immediately get over 120 dollars of retail value along with some discounts where your value is based of course on what and how much you buy.  For now here are what is in MSB,


* PDF by Jack - North American Medicinal Plant ID and use Guide - A work in progress with 8 plants so far, this is a companion to a series of podcasts that are coming.  It will sell to non members for at least 9.95, probabally more.
* Premium Video - Building a Three Stage Composting System - This will sell to non members for 9.95 and is a 30 minute instructional on how to compost and how to build a simple system
* Zip Files of every edition of TSP ever produced, not just the most recent 50 that are in the iTunes Feed

A collection of 18 members only videos, more will be added but in the future most videos will be available on YouTube.  Many videos will will be shooting for DVDs in the future will continue to be put in the MSB in electronic format free to MSB members.

Discounts from Vendors

* Safe Castle Royal - Provides their Discount Club Lifetime Membership free to MSB members.  It offers very big discounts on everything they sell and retails for 29 dollars to non members.  Again this is a LIFETIME membership.
* Western Botanicals offers a 10% discount on all purchases by MSB members
* Ron Hood offers all MSB members 10% off of all purchases at
eBooks - In PDF from Third Parties

* Sprouting Guide from James T. Stevens - Retai Price - $6.95
* Guide to Using Game Meats, Fish and Fowl from James T. Stevens - Retai Price -$6.95
* Building an EPAK Kit from James T. Stevens - Retai Price - $12.95  
* Getting Your Household in Order from James T. Stevens - Retail Price - $16.95  
* Building a Clay Oven The Synaptoman Way from Kevin Cuthbert- Retail Price $18.00
* Aquaponics The Synaptoman Way from Kevin Cuthbert- Retail Price $18.00  
I hope these additions show the commitment we have to making MSB rock for all members.  My goal is to push the retail value of the 50 dollar membership beyond 300 dollars in 2010.  

New Additions Since the Last Update

15% Discount - Terra Prints Inc. - Now provides all MSB Members 15% off on ALL purchases of their satellite image prints.  These prints provide an extensive topographical knowledge of your area and are beautiful at the same time.  Check out their site

5% Discount- -  Now offers  MSB members to 5% off order total (before shipping) on any item(s), no minimum order requirements. Discount code can be used multiple times by any individual member.  To use this discount just visit the MURS Radio website at -

New eBook- Secrets of Ballistic Striking - Retail Value $11.95 - This eBook will show you everything you need to know to start learning to deliver explosively powerful punches that will disable any enemy. Enlightening you to the hidden strength in your arms by giving you four basic exercises to help unleash devastating blows.

New eBook - Squanto's Garden - reveals the little-known secrets behind the survival of the Pilgrims and the native Americans whose help ultimately led to the first Thanksgiving Day celebration.  This is a fascinating and educational read that will help you take your food production to a new level.


1.  Western Botanicals now gives away their 50 dollar ANNUAL membership free to all MSB members.  This gives you 25% off of ALL orders to them.  It costs 50 bucks a year to the and the MSB is 50 a year.  kind of cool huh?  Partner Website -  value 50 dollars plus unlimited discounts.

2. has over 12 really awesome eBooks, MSB members get 50% (yes 50% off) all of them.  Partner Website - - value up to 80 dollars

3.  Backwoods Home Magazine - MSB members can order a subscription to Backwoods home and get a free book, either "Can America be Saved From Stupid People" or "The Coming American Dictatorship".  Partner Website - - value 16-22 Dollars

Right now I am working with Seeds of Change, looks like it will be a 10% discount.  Great company and great products and a discount. that should be added by next week sometime their webmaster is on vacation.

I will keep on adding new stuff folks.   ;)

Added today.

10% off the top three selling fire pistons from Wilderness Solutions - These are so cool I fist saw one on Survivorman with Les Stroud.  I had to get you guys a deal on this one.

Not yet added but confirmed and to be added very soon

10% off all orders from Seeds of Change -

50 Dollars off the purchase of a Global Sun Oven -

Free Berkey Sport Water Bottle - With ANY purchase from the Berkey Guy -

The Berkey deal will go live tomorrow, Seeds of Change in about a Week and The Sun Oven as soon as they get the code set up.

How am I doing guys?  I promised more value, I am just getting started.

I get more than what I paid for with the free podcasts alone. The video's are great. Gotta love the discounts.


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