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Where's all the interest in airguns?

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My 2ยข,
Advantages to airguns:
1. Not considered a firearm by the BATF (although many states have regulations).
2. Easy to carry large amounts of ammo in small space.
3. Lead and projectile mold could be stored/buried at a remote BOL with little chance of being stolen and little to no degredation.
4. Currently a little fuzzy on the legal side, but can be legally (???) muffled/silenced.
5. Depending the the type/size, can be very versatile from hunting small/medium game to home defense.
6. Not prone to runs on ammo like the current situation.
1. Expensive compared to regular firearms, at least in the realm of higher powered airguns.
2. Not exactly small & compact.
3. Limited number of full powered shots or slow to recharge and reload if all full powered shots.
4. Very limited applications for hunting under current laws & regulations (not necessarily an issue in a SHTF senario).

I personnally like the idea of an airgun, especially in a Bug Out situation, but not with the current price, performance, and limitations of current airgun technology.


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