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Where's all the interest in airguns?

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Wow, I like it. I have gone back and forth over the decision to buy a good air rifle but haven't because most of them are .177 or .22 caliber. But .45  :o You have piqued my interest.


what is the target price going to be on these?  Got to say it is one heck of great set of specs!


I hope to keep the price of the RP45 at $1,999.99 and not a penny more.

I know, that's more than most of the airguns mentioned on the Survival Podcast (or just about anywhere else), and, as far as the typical post-apocalypse survivalist is concerned, I'm not completely sure it will offer as much bang for the buck (literally) as a Sam Yang 909 .45 (available at for about $600.00), but, for the severely whacked-out airgun addict (self-included), it will be a must-have.

The power will be on par with a .357 powder-burning pistol. The accuracy will be better, and the features and workmanship will make it collectable (to the aforementioned addict.)
I'm nearly as drawn to the Survival and Sustainability routine as Kim is, but before 1-19-2009 passed into the history books I'm not sure I could make the case for any real-world advantage that air rifles offer over powder-burners.

After 1-20-09 our world is headed for change we can believe in. The good news is that in just about every place but New York, Chicago and San Francisco, airgun's are not considered firearms.

As we evolve from the 1950's USA, to France to 1917-ish Russia, to the Dark Ages, my hope is that the RP45 will be passed on from Sky-scraper to Log Cabin to Cave.

...........and even if things don't get that bad, it will make a terrific wall-hanger and a heck-of-a conversation starter.

Here are some good airgun links: (The best all-around airgun site with the best classifieds in the known universe) (Sells the most expensive airguns you're likely to find) (shows a Buffalo shot with one of his airguns) (The Largest retailer of mid-priced airguns in the USA) (The largest retailer of high-end airguns in the USA) (The best all-around airgun site with the best classifieds in the known universe) (The 2nd best airgun classified site in the USA) (A hech-uv-a good high-end airgun site with emphasis on high-end Theoben Rapid's)

I've posted a link to on my favorite airgun forum: and I think there is a lot of cross-over.

Sister Wolf:
I must be missing something.  Why would anybody waste $1900+ on a gun that can only shoot 5 shots before it has to be "recharged"?

If you were looking for a gun for dry-fire exercises (other than, say, a real gun), then spending that much money would make no sense.  If you were looking for a gun for hunting (which I assume is what you would use an air rifle like this one for) then are you really going to bring an air compressor with you for the entire hunt?  I mean, really??  Besides being completely ridiculous, I get the sneaking suspicion that it's about as legal as hunting with a paint-ball gun**.

I guess there are paint ball guns that are probably as expensive as that, though.  Do you shoot people with these air guns?  Like the paint ball people do with their little war-games?  Or are these meant as honest-to-goodness weapons?  And if they are... are you going to be reaching for your air gun for protection at some point in the future?  I can just see somebody doing that, and then realizing that the charging pump thing is down in the garage, and their $2000 conversation starter is about as useful in protection as the Van Gogh reproduction oil painting hanging over the bed.

If you're dying to spend $2000 on a gun, a new Kimber would be a much, much more sound investment, in my opinion.

I haven't had a chance to listen to the airgun episode of TSP yet, but I'm going to need to do it now.  Like I said, I must be missing something.

**EDIT: Apparently it's not illegal (at least, not according to the quackenbush website).  I stand by the statement that it's a totally ridiculous way to hunt, though.

John Willis:
If you search pellet hunting pigs on you-tube there are a bunch of guys shooting hogs with 50 cal pellet guns. I want to check out the Air force funs.

To the original poster--that looks awsome.

John Willis


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