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Where's all the interest in airguns?

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This is the .45 caliber Pre-Charged-Pneumatic (PCP) air rifle that my overly-manly, yet overtly considerate
and attentive husband is developing.
It has a 5-shot magazine. The 4,000 PSI held in the titanium air cylinder is regulated down to 2,800 PSI for 5 even shots.
The goal is a 250 grain bullet going 850 FPS for 400 FPE. After the 5th shot, the air in the tank (on both sides of the regulator) will have dropped to 2,500 PSI and it will drop further with each successive shot.
Anything after the first 5 shots is considered backup until you get back to the SCUBA tank, compressor,
or "bicycle-style" pump used to re-fill a PCP.
Airguns tend to be heavier than powder-burners because they don't use lightweight gunpowder to make power. Target weight for this rifle is 8-1/2 LBS.


I'm in.  When I can pre-order? ;D

That is cool!  Give us more!  And thanks!


I'm just staring to look at pellet rifles, wow they have changed in the last 25 years! most of the low/mid priced units are 1000fps or slightly better

Have you two considered a pistol version? 



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