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Airguns usually need to be mailed away to be repaired. Any decent small game hunter air gun out there that can be worked on easily at home?


I would GUESS the Benjamin or Sheridan air rifles. They don't have a big powerful mainspring because frankly, you pump 'em up like a bicycle pump for a shot. Probably not much more difficult than a bicycle pump to work on. They've been game getters since the last Depression.

today's modern airguns are way to intricate to be "worked on" at home, you'd have to go MUCH simpler in the way of choosing an airgun for gunsmithing it at home. I would go with a Daisy 880 powerline, or the crosman A.I.R. 17, not very powerful but still capable of taking small game

I'm considering more Crosman stuff, the "american standard" pistol is like $50 but comes with a plastic breech, you can order a steel one with scope rings from Crosman for about $30. You can get a bunch of other fancy stuff like wood grips etc but the one real functional improvement I can think of is that breech.

And this model of Crosman is made here.

I don't think pellet guns are any harder to work on than firearms, they're just different.

I've got the Crosman 1377 Pistol pump, I'm very happy with it, for a pump up air pistol it's quite good and accurate. I have tweaked mine a bit, I followed some of the advice from this and these sites, and I also have the crosman 4x scope on mine and for $10 it's quite a good scope for the pistol. I didn't find it too challenging to tweak and take apart, just take your time and pay attention how things go together. You can also get the shoulder stock here, I had one on mine for awhile but currently it's off it.


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