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M715 Project

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Well found out why the speedometer wasnt working. The cable at some point got to laying on the exhaust pipe and melted it. Of course the cable at the t-case was still turning because it was connected to the speedo gear so eventually it just twisted it in two.
It was a major pain in the butt getting the broken piece out since I really didnt have any room to work because of the E-brake set up and the connection is angled up towards the floor. I had to use a mirror and feel and a few cuss words to finally get the little piece out.

Just this week I eyeballed a rebuilt version of this in town - no hoops on the back.  Some what better shape paint.  I know I had not seen it in town before, it did take me a few second why the vehicle looked like I had seen some just like it the other day.

Good work, always nice to see these beasts brought back to life.

I have a friend who has an old 5/4 that he picked up from a local fire dept.
He converted it to 12v and dropped in a smallblock chevy. Sure is fun driving it around with the cab roof removed in the summer. 8)
He's thinking about selling it, but don't tell my wife ::)

Yeah the owner was wanting to do a chevy swap (motor, tranny, and t-case) but once the numbers were crunched he decided it was too much right now. He just wants to get it on the road.

Well the owner came and picked it up. :'( I did everything he wanted done to it.


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