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Here is something that I was thinking about. Most online places where people gather have a common symbol to represent their group. Zombie Hunters have the ZS logo. I am sure you have thought aboout this as well, Jack. I would like to suggest perhaps having the Walking Liberty symbol as an icon. The reason I suggest it is because to me, Liberty walks, it doesn't sit or stand. Liberty is a moving thing. It makes us feel young, and it is a beautiful thing. Also, its symbol has ties to the silver coin which many of us are now collecting as an investment against the dollar. So preparedness is in there too. You might not like the money aspect of it, and its not perfect, but something I was just thinking about as an idea for the site and forums. In the coin the sun is rising, as if to say for these hard times 'This too shall pass', and there will be a new day. Just my opinion. What does everyone else think?

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LOL!!  I had actually sent him this exact suggestion via the contact us form!!  I had no idea about the actual image, but I definitely think he needs one.

Good suggestions, CH.  =-]

I like that for a community symbol for the forum and the message behind it.  I actually have my guy doing up logos for the site itself.  I plan to post them soon and let yall vote on it to help me pick the logo for the site.

On the liberty thing, I am going to work on that this week to, great idea!

I agree.  I'm a sucker for kick-ass logos.  Maybe a listener/poster contest?  Everyone who is willing or able to create a logo submits one?  I'd also like to see a custom banner that I can embed on other websites (MySpace, etc) that links to the forum or the podcast. 

*Edit* Looks like Jack's already submitted logos for our approval.  The man moves fast! 


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*Edit* Looks like Jack's already submitted logos for our approval.  The man moves fast! 

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Quote from my Drill Sergeant, "There are only two kinds of soldiers in the world private Spirko, the quick and the dead, which one are you"?  ;)


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