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Jack's Garden Tour Video


I am new to the Podcasts and just joined the MSB.

My Husband and I just listened to Episode-192- Pest Control for a Sustainable Survival Garden. I LOVED it. I was frantically writing notes the whole time.  I also enjoyed the tour of Jack's Garden in the video section of the MSB. I got some great information from that also.

Just wondered how Jack's Garden was doing. I would love to see another video tour of the Garden.

Thanks and keep up the good work!

I'd like to see an update as well. In particular, I've never seen corn spaced that closely together so I was curious as to how that went. Do Jack & his wife can food? If so, does their garden produce enough of each variety to can? Oh man...the best part about that garden is the salsa capability...Gods I love cilantro!


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