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The Jeffrey Epstein Tail

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Mr. Bill:
Or, another prisoner tried to kill him because that's what prisoners frequently do to child molesters.

Kind of like Jack Ruby

So many other child molesters in jail are still alive

Mr. Bill:
I suppose everyone has heard this already, but Epstein is dead.

AP, 8/10/19: Source: Jeffrey Epstein taken off suicide watch before death

--- Quote ---Jeffrey Epstein, the well-connected financier accused of orchestrating a sex-trafficking ring, had been taken off suicide watch before he killed himself in a New York jail, a person familiar with the matter said Saturday. ...

Epstein was found unresponsive in his cell Saturday morning at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, according to the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Fire officials received a call at 6:39 a.m. Saturday that Epstein was in cardiac arrest, and he was pronounced dead at New York Presbyterian-Lower Manhattan Hospital. ...

On Friday, more than 2,000 pages of documents were released related to a since-settled lawsuit against Epstein’s ex-girlfriend by Virginia Giuffre, one of Epstein’s accusers. The records contain graphic allegations against Epstein, as well as the transcript of a 2016 deposition of Epstein in which he repeatedly refused to answer questions to avoid incriminating himself. ...
--- End quote ---

Yea......wonder when the killer will get off'ed. Sudden Big H. Fiery car crash.....

Mr. Bill:
How many different explanations can we think up?

* Knowing that he was guilty, he killed himself out of shame and because he knew the rest of his life would be hell.
* Knowing that he was innocent, he killed himself out of despair and because he knew the rest of his life would be hell.
* Other powerful people who were part of his evil crowd had him killed to keep him from revealing any more ugly secrets.
* Or they arranged for him to be removed from suicide watch so that he could fall on his sword.
* Or the prison staff removed him from suicide watch so that he would kill himself.
* Or the prison staff killed him outright, and made it look like suicide.
* Another inmate killed him, to gain status.
* He's not dead.  His rich and powerful buddies rescued him and created the appearance of a suicide, either out of loyalty, or because he'd created a "time bomb" of incriminating information that would be released upon his death.


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