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The Jeffrey Epstein Tail

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David in MN:
Acosta resigned and Clinton downplayed his relationship with Epstein. Some of the accusers claim to have been as young as 13.

I'm a little miffed that the news really isn't doing their job. If I'm to believe what is documented Donald Trump flew on Epstein's plane once and Clinton maybe 4-7 times. OK... But these are the only 2 names for a guy who was a NYC financier and liked to party in Hollywood? You don't really need an island with multiple houses to fly a president a few times and a future president once. Bear in mind there is no evidence that either stayed at the island; just took the plane. And it's not so insane to imagine Trump hitched a ride with another billionaire to NYC or Clinton did the same with a big donor because he put his office in Harlem after his presidency. The two of them could be telling the complete truth. I have reservations on both but it could be true.

So if I'm expected to believe that the actual story is that Epstein liked Wall Street and Hollywood but I'm expected to believe only politicians who never went to the island matter the most even though workers on the island saw young girls. Well somebody went to that island and I don't see evidence of Trump or Clinton. Granted something could have happened on the plane but why build the island and import girls if the plane is your preferred location?

I just don't think the shoe has yet dropped on this one. I think a lot of very wealthy people with names we don't know are on the list.


When I think about it, the news is weaponized and it’s like an act of war the propaganda they push.  That’s why I sometimes have a hard time with libertarian ideas that say leave the companies alone it’s private business. newspapers and media are private businesses but they are technically engaged in a kind of war fare and we know the cia has people at news agencies

David in MN:
OK, it gets hairier. I can get my head around a pedophile sex ring. There are sick people and money to be made catering to them. But how does a guy running said ring end up with a Saudi passport in an assumed name?

That's a trick I doubt any other crime lord could pull off. There's a lot more beneath the surface here.


he's connected to the deep state, the deep state or parts of it has been at war with Trump .. Trump is fighting back in certain ways. He can't do a frontal assault - too dangerous


They are trying to get rid of Epstien since he has deep state connections. He knows too much and is connected to too many important people, though I heard that this story has been suppressed

Jeffrey Epstein found in fetal position in jail cell with marks on his neck:

Jeffrey Epstein was reportedly found in his jail cell semi-conscious and with marks around his neck. Veuer’s Justin Kircher has the story.


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