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Strawberry Pot Update and Figs


OK any questions about this video just shoot.  Pretty cool to have that many figs on a one year old tree isn't it.  Also how about those berries!

Newb Survivalist:
 my girlfriend and i just found a house to rent, signed the lease today. I now have a suitable backyard to try out some of these ideas. i will definitely be doing the strawberry pot as well as the potatoes. Thanks for the great ideas jack.

I made one strawberry pot for each location.  They started off slower than yours did, probably becasue of our colder weather up north.  We had frost until the first week of June.

Just how cold do you think that these berries can stand it in the winteer.  Will they go dormant and can we put them in side an unheated barn/building?  We're in zone 6.

Thanks for the info.

My father grew strawberry plants in a tiered square food gardening set up (think Egyptian mastaba) for years when I was growing up in Colorado Springs, CO. They overwintered just fine there, and came back every spring to produce almost more than we could eat. If it weren't for the fact that we would pick and eat them continually while working in the garden, they would have been more than we could have eaten in the house! 

I think I like Jack's idea of having them in pots that could be pulled into a greenhouse so they would continue producing during the colder months. I'm in SE Colorado now, and I think we're going to look into a small greenhouse and attempt to grow some dwarf citrus, and have everlasting plants like the strawberries produce during the colder months. It's all new to me, so we have some research to do yet on four season harvesting in our area and the use of a greenhouse.


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