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Morning Sunshine:
we had the lady from come to speak to our women's group at church.  It was crazy the amount of stuff she was able to get for CHEAP.  I wish I was able to take advantage of the savings from it.  But since I make almost everything from scratch (grain berries, dry beans, stock/broth, etc) to avoid MSGs, HFCS, and dyes, my grocery bills are limited to produce, herbs and spices, and dairy (cheese and eggs, and occasionally milk).  I do buy some canned/boxed items, but not a lot, and I am trying very hard to make imitations of those.  I do not even buy shampoo any more  - I am doing the "no poo" method of baking soda for washing hair and vinegar for rinsing.  I even make my own soap!
anyway, I am mightily impressed with people who can coupon effectively.  I sit in awe.  and wish I was still buying stuff from the inner aisles of the stores!

If I can net money on items through catalinas or ECB's or rebates and it is an item that I don't use, I donate the item to the food bank or other charity.  For example, last month I was "making" 50 cents buying mustard after sale price, coupon, and catalina.  I use the catalina to reduce the cost of items that don't have coupons - produce, meat, etc.  I store some to use for barter or to prevent meal fatigue if I would only be able to use my stockpile.  The rest I donate.  I keep an eye on expiration dates for those I keep and if they are getting close, I donate them.  My goal is to reduce my total expense for all items, so I look for money making items that will be useful if trouble comes or I can donate to help others.


I only get the Sunday papers and only for the coupons. A friend uses "" and it has some great coupon finds.
By shopping with a grocers "member card" and taking advantage of super sales and BOGO (buy one get one free) offers, along with the coupons, I've been able to save about half on some of my shopping trips! (over $150 three times in a row)
We also have two stores that are offering a gas discount dependant on how much you spend, so last time I was able to fill up for $1.40 a gallon too!

Coupon newbie here - how do you double coupons? Do you take two to the store to use on one item or can stores just scan the same coupon twice?

  I've been clipping coupons for about 5 months now. I save about $60-$140 a week. Last week I spent $38 dollars for $178 worth of merchandise. Ya have to have a different mindset, yer not so much buying exactly what you need till yer next visit, but stocking up at rock-bottom prices. Last week I got A1 steak sauce(normally 4.19) for .19 each...I bought 8. I got BBQ sauce for like .29, I bought 5, I got OFF incect repellant for .98(n0rmally 4.98)I bought 8. My grocery store has meat-packers(would not call them butchers), and I ask them to grind a roast if it's cheaper than ground beef. Like the post above, shampoo, shave, toothpaste, deodorant, all for like pennies or less. Ya can't really be brand specific, like I only like RAGU, or you will have to wait longer for your brand. To me Spagetti sauce is spagetti sauce.....especially for .25. Hell I've used woman's deodorant for a month, cause it was .50. And I'm a 6 foot 230lb, tattooed biker. The more time ya spend with yer coupons, the more you'll save, the Grocery Game is a good place to start, ain't free, but you'll save enough the first week to pay for it. Like 10 bucks for 2 months i think. I saved $60 my first week. Poke around online, lots of blogs of yer favorite stores, Some of these woman have been doing this stuff for years and are sharp. YouTube is full of how-tos.
  Check out this woman...shame she's married........Stockpiling With The Coupon Queen[/url] :-\


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