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Strawberry Pot

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My strawberry pot isn't working too well. It seems like the my plants are actually missing.  ??? I think I need to replant and put up some fencing or something.  Any ideas on keeping the critters away without making it a total eyesore.

put a hot wire going all the way around it and multiple bug zappers with the plastic removed...  :D

Plenty of critters eat berries, straw berry plants, um I don't know.  Squirrels often dig stuff up though just to see what it is even if they don't eat it.  3 tomatoes lost to those jerks already this year.  One more and they won't even get a crack at the peaches!  That gamo 22 makes a squirell into stew fast!

I'd be careful with that container. I've left those kind outside before and had the sun bleach them and make them brittle.

--- Quote from: MyEyesAreOpen1776 on April 20, 2009, 02:56:42 PM ---Torpedo,
It depends on how much rainfall you get.  Our area has been hammered with rain lately; I'm half way tempted to build an ark. Periodically check the soil and make sure it's somewhat moist.  Strawberries need about an inch of water per week during growing season and about 6 hours of sunlight per day.  Good job.

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Will the strawberries be ok in winter time up in say Wyoming if you leave the pot out in the winter? Put a tarp or something on it to protect it from the wind and some weather and will everything come back ok the next year? Bring it inside is not an option for me being the size of my house.


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