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Strawberry Pot

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I bought the same bare roots that Jack had in the video but mine were very dry and brittle.  Lesson learned. Stay away from wally world.


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Wow - great idea.  :)


Thank you for the compliments, but, as much as I would like to claim this idea as my own, I cannot.  The original spark in my noggin' came from looking through threads here and elsewhere regarding aquaculture.  Then, we had some other people here create similar planters.  So, I am just one cog in this machine but way down towards the bottom of the ingenuity list for this one.   ;)

I'm using a plain old flower pot, sitting on my desk. I've decided that all my new house plants will be edible.

New video coming this weekend will be how to convert all the "sisters" that get created in those pots into new plants with two cloning methods.  Stay tuned,


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