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Thanks guys...yeah its really starting to take off and grow. Ive been putting 2-3 hours of work in on it every day. Making new posts, finding new traffic sources, networking with other bloggers... its a lot of work....but its finally starting to pay off with a good amount of traffic and even a little bit of money. Yesterday alone I broke 8,000 unique visitors. Im making plans to make maybe not a full-time job, but a nice supplement income and a redundancy plan to my 9-5 gig.

Hey guys, just wanted to give a final update to this thread. is still going strong. Ive been able to put up 88 articles to the site since it started. Its not making huge money by any means but it definitely has been a welcome supplement to our income. 

I just wanted to take a second and thank Jack, everyone involved with 13 skills and the TSP audience as a whole for motivating me to get this off the ground. You guys are the best.


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