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( assuming my link is ok here, feel free lock this if its not)

So ive always wanted to get into blogging and just never pulled the trigger until getting motivated by Jack and 13 skills.
I did a lot of research on how to use wordpress, cPanel and SEO and have finally launched my site I still have very little content posted as I just today finished up my beginning setup and layout of the blog.

It is a daily preparedness news/video site that I plan on updating with several articles, videos and self-written original content daily.

To anyone else looking to get into blogging....Feel free to ask me any questions on the subjects of blogging and SEO...I will try to answer them to the best of my limited ability...we can learn together :)

Additionally any comments or critiques of my site are more than welcome.

Thanks again TSP for getting me motivated.

Awesome site presentation! I'm very impressed. My google blog is lookin' kind of crappy in comparison ;)

Frugal Upstate:

So I remember to come back later :)

Ms. Albatross:
Great start!  I'm looking forward to finding 107 minutes to watch the permaculture video you linked.  Keep it up!

I'm having a lot of fun and learning a ton of stuff doing this. Today I posted an original article about water storage, got indexed by google and set up a mobile admin panel plugin thats really easy to use on my iphone. It lets me do pretty much anything I can do on the desktop version of wp. It looks like ive picked up about 90 unique visitors in the last couple days (thanks TSP!!)

Got my facebook page integrated...and hit a wall.
My theme didnt have an auto-post to facebook option so i used a plugin that was supposed to "seamlessly" add my new posts to my facebook page. I got the plugin and the custom facebook app set up, got the configurations right, tried it out...its using my personal FB account to post to the page...which i dont want. Apparently a page admin cant be a FB developer, only individuals can....which means I cant autopost as the page's name.

Finally got fed up and deactivated the plugin, so I have to manually update this FB page for every new piece of content I have... which I really dont care to do.

Anyone have any advice on what I can do for this? It seems to me there should be a very easy way to do this and im just missing iit.

thanks again everyone


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