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Good for you!  (I'd bet your WWOOfer is learning more than 13 skills!)


--- Quote from: Avlor on March 26, 2013, 04:10:18 PM ---Good for you!  (I'd bet your WWOOfer is learning more than 13 skills!)

--- End quote ---

I hope so since he is up here for 3+ months.


ok - had to share.  I just saw an article on PVC looms!  ( 

(I'm having conniption fits that hubby isn't here to help me start one this very minute!!!!  WANT WANT WANT!)

soccer grannie:
Over the last 1.5 yrs I've been buying a lot of yarn and extra sets of crochet hooks. Have made everybody in the family warm hats and most of them now have a good warm blanket. I've spent a lot of time learning more and collecting patterns. We've been to 2 yarn factory tent sales and bought yarn (acrylic, cotton and wool) for less than half retail price. Yep, I have quite a stash of yarn. I also have a large stash of fabric, thread and sewing notions. Only regret is that I can't get anybody to let me teach them how to sew, crochet or quilt.

Quilting and local fabric shops run classes on how to quilt.  Try and find a local shop that specializes in quilting.  They often run classes on all sorts of projects from tote bags up to king sized quilts. 

Many sewing and vacuum shops run classes on how to use your sewing machine.  I took one of these classes when I got my new machine and the class had several students who had older machines who were just learning to sew.   

Chain fabric stores like Joann's run classes too.  I haven't taken any there since I learned to sew clothing as teenager. 

Youtube has an endless supply of videos on how to sew.  I am learning to quilt for the first time and I am finding them very helpful since patchwork and quilting use different techniques than old school clothing construction.  Many of them explain the how and why of a technique or material.  I have been watching Missouri Star Quilt Co. and Quilty beginner quilting videos the last couple of days. 

Starting with simple projects is the easiest way to learn.  Before I start quilting the throw blanket I am working on I an practicing by making pot holders, place mats, and tote bags.  All of these project including the blanket will be Christmas presents. 

I have been adding to my fabric stash by finding great deals at thrift stores.  This is not a good idea for someone new to sewing.  You need to be able to figure out what kind of fabric you have.  Different fabrics are for different uses and knowing the fiber content is important. You can damage fabric and your iron if it is too hot for the fabric.  There are different needles for different kinds of fabric along with different kinds of thread.  Most importantly different fabrics have a different thickness, stretch and drape which can effect how your project turns out. 

Good luck


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