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PorcupineKate nice to meet you!

Silk is fun!  If you ever get the chance, I'd encourage you to try spinning it and making your own blends.  It's so different from the other fibers!  Spinning your own may be the most economical.  (And we all need another hobby right? *wink*)

I'm sorry you have the allergy!!! :(   Have you tried alpaca and llama?  As I understand it, they don't have lanolin.  (I have friends who raise both types of animals and have spun both fibers.)  Now, the animals both roll in the dirt quite a bit and if the fiber's not washed well, that really could cause problems.  If you've tried them, there may be something else to your allergy.  But I'm obviously not an allergy expert.  Just hoping that maybe you could play with some animal fibers.


--- Quote from: jm_sol on February 02, 2013, 08:50:13 PM ---Ok I used to crochet and a teeny bit of knitting.. Why is it in crochet that I cannot seem to change thread colors anymore.  Anyone have a good easy link to show me?

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Does this video help? 


--- Quote from: Avlor on February 02, 2013, 07:37:33 PM ---Nice to meet you Cedar!  What fiber arts are your faves?  Anything you haven't tried yet in fiber arts?

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What I like to do:

* Sheep to Shawl
* Natural plant dyes, especially from the medieval period
* Sock knitting with "Faire Isle" and Salish type patterns
* Inkle Looms
* Spinning on my Ashford Traditional mostly, but have a Louet S15 floating about in Canada with a friend
* Not so much on my drop spindles
* Weaving on my floor looms (beginner)

Cochenial dyed yarns, yes the green one too is topdyed Cochenial over Indigo

Indigo dyed yarn

My latest sock... and I need to work on a mate this winter (I hope). Not blocked yet.

My Ashford that I have had since 1996?

What I would like to do: LOTS!!!! Including retting Nettle fiber


soccer grannie:

--- Quote from: Avlor on February 02, 2013, 08:58:37 PM ---Does this video help? 

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I subscribe to Mikey's youtubes & The Crochet Crowd. His tutorials are so easy to follow. My latest projects have been the ear flap hats w/braids. He has tutorials for the hats from newborn to adult.

Frugal Upstate:
I knit, sew and know how to do some basic embroidery. 

Although I've knit a few sweaters I like mostly "brainless in front of the TV" type knitting--blankets, washcloths, scarves, "5 hour baby sweaters", basic slippers.  To my shame I've never learned how to do intarsia-just striped ;)

For sewing although I can follow a pattern and have made various clothing items I mostly do repairs & alterations.  Fabric is so costly & clothing is (at this point) cheap. 

It's been years since I've done embroidery, but I do know some stitches and have done a few projects.

I'd probably do a lot more of all of it if we could resolve this issue of my hands going numb.


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