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How is everyone coming along on your fiber arts challenges?

I'd been knitting like crazy to deal with stress and finished my first handspun socks.  I need to spin on a higher ratio so there's more twist.  My yarn kept splitting as I knit it.  I should have known better!  But I like my new squishy soft socks.  :)

soccer grannie:
I read this in a quilting newsletter today - A little off topic but those who sew will understand.

Q: What is a "frogstitch"?

A: This is a cute term, though I must say, not much fun! A frogstitch, as in rip-it, rip-it, rip-it, is when you have to undo a seam.

Back to regular programming ...   :knitting:

Yeah not fun.  But I've done my fair share of frogging in knitting!  (Nalbinding I'll only "frog" so much, then I toss it.  It doesn't undo easily.)

*peeking in to the thread*

How is everyone coming along on their fiber arts goals and projects? 

I'm getting back to mine now that things are settling down a bit after girl scout cookie time.  (I'm currently obsessing over making socks and am in the middle of making 2 pair (a no brain needed pair and a striped pair) and contemplating a 3rd (from new handspun - which might help me complete one of my skills).)

Been teaching my WWOOFer how to set up an inkle loom the last few nights.



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