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I've signed up for the motorcycle safety class, and have started keeping my eye out for a small 250-300 sportbike. I also signed myself and my husband up for our first Appleseed shoot :)

Good progress so far-this has worked wayyyyyyy better than New Years resolutions. I can run my mile faster than I thought would be possible with my tender knee, lost 5 pounds so far, got my motorcycle lisence and 150 bike miles under my belt, bees arrive in two weeks, garden tool/home toolbox complete, got a generator but still need to learn to use it


--- Quote from: cheryl1 on January 12, 2013, 10:31:40 AM ---Beekeeping-I want to get one hive with bees, and work with my daughter to complete beekeeping as a 4-H project.

Fitness-lose 10 pounds and run a 12 minute mile

Marksmanship-attend an Appleseed Shoot

Dog Training-teach the dog to track family members by name

Tool Maintenance-gather and organize the tools I have, purchase needed tools, and create a schedule for maintenance

--- End quote ---

Two beehives are up and running, with the materials cut out for a third in case of a swarm or need to split my hives. 4-H project is going well and I'm learning a lot from the beekeeper

Down 8 pounds from the beginning of the year  :excited:

I got the days off work for the appleseed shoot in Sept. Husband is going too.

Working with the dog, he's starting to get the point of finding daddy and mommy, doesn't differentiate between the kids yet

Tools are maintained and organized in my own (new) space in the shop. counting this skill as done  ;D


--- Quote from: cheryl1 on January 12, 2013, 10:31:40 AM ---Beekeeping-Done

Archery done

Fitness-done, although even a slow running mile tends to aggravate my knee so I mostly bike and walk now

Marksmanship done



Sewing-never did it

Lumber jacking- never did it

Distilling Fuel-get a tabletop still or equivalent and distill ethanol-as long as there is enough after Christmas money left I'm ordering one this week

Dog Training-got a new dog, starting this one over for next year

Soap Making-done

Tool Maintenance-done

Alternative Energy-done

--- End quote ---

I didn't finish everything, but this is far and away the best I have ever done with New Years resolutions!!


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