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I wanted to see where I was at on this Challenge since spud got me into this thread again. I am no longer at the former-farm, so some of my abilities to do some things have become more difficult, while other things have become much much easier.

Animal Husbandry — Learn how to drive a draft horse team - ACCOMPLISHED, but ongoing forever. It is a skill you will always develop and learn, and with every hitching up you learn more. And when you partner up with a new animal.

Gardening — Crash course in Silviculture - In Progress
Still in progress, as it is not a thing you can just learn quickly. Currently I am helping friends plant thousands and thousands of Douglas Fir on their clearcut, although they might hire a crew soon to get it done. I am learning more about replanting, what trees are available to qualify as 'forestry', how to manage small woodlots (under 25 acres) and Christmas tree farms.

Carpentry — In Progress
I am currently building a project right now with a friend who is a construction/contractor/detail finisher guy, and I am learning how to build large sheds. It is not difficult to learn, but there are practical hands-on things which you can only learn by putting your hands on it. Like my teacher said, "sometimes it is not an exact science".... and here I was thinking alot of math was involved  ;)

Beer Making — DECLINED and culled out. I do not drink and I am no longer together with the person I was doing this for. I always have some project on the go, so this space will quickly get filled, if not already.

Animal Husbandry — Hogs - ACCOMPLISHED
Even though I never AI'd my former hogs, I have AI'd many species in the veterinary field over 20-some years. I took a day long class at Oregon State University on Swine AI, so I feel I can do this with confidence.

Weaving — In Progress
On standby, but I recently went to the Mission Mill Museum in Salem, Oregon. I actually learned alot there. I actually do know how to weave, but I wanted to gain more skills at it.

Alternative Energy — In Progress/ ACCOMPLISHED
Hydro power (pelton wheel). The family I stay with at times, has many creeks coming down their steep mountain. I teased one day that they ought to get a pelton wheel. A week later three pelton wheels were delivered by the Mr. UPS man. We will be building a powerhouse here, and I will be helping set them up and learning. I have also been running a small solar system since August. The man of this family used to install alternative power, so I hope to learn alot from him.

Food Storage — Spring House - Nixed..
I am no longer at the former-farm, so for the time being this project is on hold. One day I will build a springhouse somewhere, even if it is not for me.

Communication — Ham radio license - ACCOMPLISHED Passed my Technician ticket last winter.

Water Catchment/Filtering — ACCOMPLISHED and ongoing.
Last summer I took a class through SAGE and built a 55 gallon water barrel. At the former farm 10,000 gallons of water catchment was put into place. I will soon have another water barrel system for water catchment and usage. The people who I stay with at times, they have a mountain spring watering system for their home, and I want to help them build a 55 gallon filtration system for that spring, since pine needles, discoloured water sometimes happens when it rains too hard. They are open to that idea and we will work on it as soon as other projects are out of the way.

Bio Fuel — In progress
I borrowed a friends truck for a couple weeks, and it runs on biodiesel. I quipped that he ought to look into making BioDiesel and he went out and bought the equipment for it. I am studying up on how to make it with this equipment, so I can learn how to make it and teach him/his family.

Electronics —ACCOMPLISHED and ongoing
Learn basic electronics, like build a radio from scrap like they did in WWI. A friend and I did build a Foxhole radio. It did work. With me having my Ham Radio license now, I am on to catching 'larger fish'.

Education — Economics - Planned
I am figuring out an angle on how I want to proceed with this, or if I am already doing it.


How have I missed out on this thread???

Very cool stuff!

I am still working on it.. Mom thinks I am a procrastinator, but I think all things in their time..

--- Quote from: Cedar on January 08, 2013, 11:07:20 PM ---Bio Fuel — Planned
Possibly making biodiesel for Z's truck This one might be nixed now since his truck half died. However, when it gets towed to the garage at the farm, I will be tearing it down to see if we can fix it. I used to work on lots of quarter mile cars for the racetrack, but never diesels which were not semi trucks. So it will be a bit of a new thing for me. I have had an interest in biodiesel and would like to try it even small scale to see how it is done.

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: Cedar on October 27, 2014, 08:03:24 PM ---Bio Fuel — Nixed
Nixed. But there is a guy I see every Wednesday and we have talked a long time each time about his BioFuel truck as we sit on his or my tailgate. So I have learned a fair bit from him. At least a working knowledge. So I learned, but decided not to do for many reasons.

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: Cedar on January 02, 2016, 08:59:55 AM ---Bio Fuel — In progress
I borrowed a friends truck for a couple weeks, and it runs on biodiesel. I quipped that he ought to look into making BioDiesel and he went out and bought the equipment for it. I am studying up on how to make it with this equipment, so I can learn how to make it and teach him/his family.

--- End quote ---

So it has been sitting awhile, but the people I stay with from time to time run diesel trucks, a year and a bit ago I quipped we ought to get a biodiesel system and make our own. It was not salvage, but got it for a good price, and since the friends paid for it, it is up to me to do the learning on how to do this.. so today I am learning, reading, watching videos now that I am back indoors escaping the heat.

Here is part of our system. I think this is the waste oil tank and the methoxide tank you see here. The other parts are 'hidden' somewhere else on the farm here.


PS All of the other pics on this thread will be back up when I unblock my website


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