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--- Quote from: SteveandTracyinKY on December 31, 2012, 03:07:08 AM ---Sounds like quite a list. How do you plan on learning to clean and butcher the animals? Are you doing videos or just planning to learn as you go with the actual animals? This is on my list as well.

--- End quote ---
I have been watching many videos. When I was a small child, I used to help with the butchering of the chickens that my grandparents and parents raised. As a teen, I would hunt, clean and butcher squirrels. Now, we are raising chickens and rabbits. I'm confident we will be able to do a good job to start with and a better job with more practice.

Update...  I'm nowhere near where I would like to be at this point in time. We had a new baby in May that wasn't due until July. That kind of puts things on a back burner. I did butcher one of our rabbits. It was more of a chore than I realized it would be. I added some 1/4 inch hardware cloth at the top of my downspouts to keep the largest debris out of the rain barrels. Our garden did much better this year. It's just too small to sustain us. Next year's garden will be much larger. We didn't do any canning this year, but we did get a tabletop food dehydrator and did some jerky and dried fruits. I rigged up a shooting game with four Dixie cups hanging from twine. One of the cups is red and the rest are yellow. You shoot the red cup to start the timer, then the other three in no particular order, then the red one again to stop the timer. (The timer is a second person as timekeeper). We have gone nowhere on the cabin build. We have a spot picked out and started to clear an area, but taking care of a baby got in the way. So, that's the update. Hope to have more for you in 2014.


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